Meet Will


A charismatic and passionate fitness trainer, William has a youthful passion for health and wellness despite a few grey hairs. He holds several national certifications as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from Michigan State University, and enjoys ongoing learning from many sources to enrich his profession as well as his personal life. He wants to learn as many ways as possible to promote good health and teach them to others.

William loves people but wants them to be in vibrant good health, so he is a tough coach. A firm believer in the philosophy of always promoting positive thoughts, William constantly motivates everyone around him to be the very best that they can be, whatever it takes. Born with a natural gift of creativity, William has taken fitness to the next level with his outside the box training programs and groundbreaking fitness apparel line. Willpower Fitness Group apparel boasts “I Can” on every piece. Men’s and women’s fashions are both available in many popular colors and extended sizing, from very petite to very roomy. He knows that the fitness challenged want to look their best too and are more apt to do something about it if they have fashionable workout apparel. In addition, there are special classes for the elderly and those with painful joints. It seems there’s nothing he hasn’t thought of.


His message of “Always finish what you start” resonates in all aspects of the Willpower Fitness Group brand. His challenge to you is for you to get rid of all the excuses and be the person you envision yourself to be when you look in the mirror. When you join William for personal training, you get what you pay for and more. There’s no more skipping class or a personal training session. You can even purchase a full service program, which includes pre workout energy drinks and post workout snacks from Willpower Fitness Group.  Another option is a poster of workout poses in your chosen modality to take home and put in your exercise room. If you don’t have an exercise room, you can use his gym and work out right alongside him for added coaching and motivation. Imagine jogging on the treadmill next to your trainer, or having him spot you for weightlifting sessions. William gives you no room for excuses and actually makes working out a pleasurable experience while you’re waiting for those endorphins to kick in.


Here’s the best part. When there is sufficient interest, or for a group of at least 10 people, William offers personalized Fit Camps. Imagine your work group attending for a weekend or a week for a team building program. The sky’s the limit with Willpower Fitness Group.